Morrissey to Design With Stella McCartney- 10 Other Unexpected Collaborations


For many people, 2009 will be remembered as the year that Michael Jackson died–or the year the first black President was elected to office, or maybe even the year that vampires took over the big screen, the little screen, what we wear, what we read, and seemingly everything else. For us at StyleCaster, the year 2009 will also be remembered by the explosion of designer collaborations that we’ve witnessed over the past 11 months. From Mark Ronson‘s sneaker designs for Gucci to the upcoming (and hotly anticipated) Rodarte line for Target, every single designer there once was seems to now be a duo in some way (and let’s not leave out LiLo’s disastrous collection for Ungaro).

The most recent collaboration to spark our interest involves Stella McCartney and her new partner in crime. The notoriously vegetarian designer who doesn’t use any animal products in her collections has announced a partnership with British pop singer Morissey who–yes, we could have guessed–is also a veggie. His past album entitled “Meat is Murder” was our first clue. The unlikely duo will be designing a collection of animal-friendly shoes, and we’re crossing our fingers that they’ll be up to par with McCartney’s usual designs. We could use some sexy faux-leather for our feet.

Read on for 10 more of the most unlikely design collaborations we’ve witnessed over the years:


1. Elijah Wood, Shirley Manson, and Oliver Peoples

Our minds are boggled as to how the Lord of the Rings actor and the Garbage lead singer ended up in a glasses ad campaign side by side, but judging from this image, it may just be the greatest collaboration yet.


2. Jeremy Scott and Longchamp

You know that classic Longchamp bag you have sitting in your closet that you occasionally use to lug your books to class? Now imagine Jeremy Scott’s face on it–voila!


3. Miley Cyrus and Max Azria

Miley can barely dress herself, so we’re surprised that such a talent like Max Azria would choose the tween as his latest design partner. Miley may be the life of the Party in the U.S.A., but she is not bringing anything worth wearing to a party into this collection.


4. Commes des Garçons and The Beatles

Love Commes des Garcons’ designer Rei Kawakubo; love The Beatles. Love the black and green apple bags? Not so much.


5. Brangelina and Asprey

Yes, it makes sense that Brad and Angie would do anything for a good cause–but you have to admit that when you first pictured Brad Pitt designing jewelry you were a little befuddled. No? Not even a little?


6. Coca Cola and Missoni

We’d imagine Missoni to be more of the knitted koozie types, not the actual bottle design types. But hey, this is one can of Coke we’d like to drink.


7. Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang

This fall, Katie Holmes and her stylist joined forces to design a collection for Maxfield. The most surprising part of it all–Holmes actually gave half the credit to Yang, titling her label Holmes and Yang. We commend you, Katie.


8. Zaha Hadid and Lacoste

Famous architect Zaha Hadid made the official transition to fashion design with these futuristic shoes for Lacoste. Like a lemon peel, over-the-knee boot hybrid…


9. Dell and O.P.I. Nail Polish

We can just picture the execs at Dell now, sitting around a conference table deciding which nail polish colors to use for their collaboration computer line. Ocean Love Potion or Oh So Glam? Hmm..tough call.


10. Blake Lively and Victoria Beckham

It looks like Posh has a girl crush on Blake Lively, who is the designer’s latest muse for her collection. Perhaps Victoria and DBecks have been watching Gossip Girl together under the covers every Monday night? We would have never guessed, but we welcome it with open arms!