The Morning Buzz: Five Things You Missed Yesterday


For those of us who want to smell like a bakery, try this perfume created by a pastry chef. Calories: ZERO. [via Beauty High]

Arnold Schwarzenegger has commissioned an 8-foot tall statue to be created in his likeness. Because being a philandering narcissist makes him very “heroic”. [via NYPost]

Justin Timberlake is set to star in an upcoming film about the life of record producer Neil Bogart, who represented KISS and the Village People. This movie is going to have some amazing costuming. [via Deadline]

Apparently Justin Beiber gets dating advice from Adam Sandler movies. That might not be the best idea. [via TMZ]

A Demi Lovato megafan got a tattoo of her face. And the award for terrible decision of the day goes to…[via BuzzFeed]