Morning Buzz: 5 Things You Missed Yesterday

Jessica Rubin

Julia Roberts scares a large dog with her Lancme ad. The video speaks for itself.

[Via Racked]

Vogue beat out The New Yorker for Magazine of the Year. Wintour, you still got it.

[Via Fashionista]

90-year-old Ottavio Missoni is still a track star. Whatever vitamins the Missoni family is taking, we want some.

[Via Refinery 29]

Christian Louboutin is set to become the subject of a retrospective. The exhibit will take place at the Design Museum in London. We’re positive it will be nothing short of amazing.

[Via Vogue UK]

Tyra Banks and Rachel Ray express their girl-love for each other during The Rachel Ray Show. Seeing as they are two of the most annoying women on television, this seems rather appropriate.

[Via The Cut]