Morning Buzz: 5 Things You Missed On 12.21.11

Jessica Rubin

The holiday pressure must be getting to Maria Sharapova. She interviewed herself about Christmas. We’d be more concerned, but we actually love the result. [Via NY Mag]

OH. MY. GAWD. This is the best thing ever. It involvesPrince William and a notorious dance move.We can’t even describe it. You just have to see it for yourself. [Via Oh No They Didn’t!]

Where do you think President Obama does his holiday shopping? Hint: it’s not Herms. [Via People]

You know what’s cooler than Fashion Week invites? Fashion Christmas cards. [Via Grazia]

Remember that weird Pajama Jeans craze? Well, watch out menswear. It’s heading your way. [Via Racked]

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