Morning Buzz: 5 Things You Missed On 1.3.12

Jessica Rubin

50 Cent took to Twitter with a sad prediction. We love you Fiddy, so say it ain’t so! [Via NME]

What happens when Marc Jacobs and Rachel Zoe hang out together in St. Bart’s? We thought the world would implode from an overdose of style, but I guess instead we’ll just keel over from jealousy. [Via Styleite]

Even if you love Twilight, you have to admit that the stories lack literary complexity and are a tiddy bit repetitive. So what would it be like if the saga was written by literary geniuses instead? [Via io9]

Vogue Italia gets a little playful with QVC for their January cover. [Via Fashionista]

Here’s what happens when you combine two of our favorite things: Arizona Muse and Isabel Marant. [Via Design Scene]