More Than Just A Pretty Bottle


A new vitamin water is in town, only this one may have a bit more street cred than its predecessor; the easy-on-the-eyes yet useless-on-the-body Vitaminwater. The latest product to take water and spruce it up a bit is Y Water, a company that came into fruition with kids’ health in mind, but naturally extends its products to adults, as well.

Its flavors may not appeal to kids as much as Dragonfruit and Grape, but Y Water, available in Bone, Immune, Muscle, and Brain, truly does a body good. Each “flavor” comes in a recyclable plastic bottle designed by Yves Béhar, and is chock full of vitamins and minerals, providing a healthy alternative to the secretly high-caloric beverages that plague us at the deli.

The four varieties of Y Water (which are all totally organic and low-calorie, by the way) are packed with the vitamins that correspond to their type: Bone (okay, we know the names don’t sound too appealing, but we promise the benefits are) naturally has lots of calcium and fluoride for healthier teeth and bones, while Brain is packed with zinc and B vitamins; awesome for our concentration and general mental performance. Immune gives us our A,C,E vitamins (and at $1.99 a bottle, it’s cheaper than a doctor’s visit), while Muscle boosts our nerve and muscle functioning with magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C.

And as if doing so much good wasn’t good enough, Y Water also supports Hale House, plus numerous NYC community events.

“Best in the world” New York City tap water: you’ve got some competition.

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