More Socialites Designing Bags – This Time, They’re Vegan

Spencer Cain

Before Tinsley Mortimer was Tinsley Mortimer, there was Cornelia Guest. Cornelia basically ran New York in the 1980s, flitting between ladies luncheons and drug fueled bashes at Studio 54, always with perfectly coiffed blonde hair and always in front of flashbulbs. As she aged, she has thrown herself into a few pet projects, and her latest puts her head-to-head against the reigning vegan goods queen of the fashion industry, Stella McCartney.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Guest discussed her new line of vegan handbags, which she likes to describe as “cruelty-free.” While she admires McCartney’s designs, she says she and her friends were looking for a “cheaper” alternative. While it’s always nice to see an economically responsible heiress, and there’s nothing wrong with cruelty-free anything, I’m sick and tired of every well-to-do lady being handed a bag line.

Just because you love fashion does not mean you can design it. I understand that everyone is trying to brand themselves lately, and I respect it – business is business – but let’s leave fashion to the masters, okay? That said, images of the bags have yet to be released. They may be adorable for all I know, and I certainly appreciate the purpose behind them. I just couldn’t help but roll my eyes when I saw that another socialite designing purses. Who else agrees with me?