Who Is the Monster in ‘Wednesday’? The Real Villain Has a Surprising ‘Addams Family’ Connection

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Warning: Wednesday spoilers ahead. If you’ve started Netflix’s new Addams Family reboot, you may have one question on your mind: Who is the Monster in Wednesday and how does season one end?

Wednesday, Netflix’s Addams Family spinoff, follows Wednesday Addams, a 16-year-old with psychic powers as she moves to Jericho, Vermont, to attend Nevermore Academy, school for monstrous outcasts once attended by her parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams. The series, which is executive produced and directed by Tim Burton, is based on Charles Addams’ New Yorker cartoon, The Addams Family, a series about a bizarre, macabre family of goths, which was made into a TV series of the same title in 1964. The cartoon was remade into a movie of the same title in 1991, which was followed by a sequel, Addams Family Values, in 1993.

In an interview with STYLECASTER in June 2022, Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday in Wednesday, revealed that she was cast in the titular role while filming the horror movie X. “I had been filming X in New Zealand, and we were doing night shoots. I had been up for almost 24 hours. I was told I had to get on a phone with Tim Burton at the end of my day,” she said at the time. “I was wearing prosthetics, and I had a long cut across my lip and I had glycerin in my hair, so my hair was all oily and peely. I was tired, delirious, and I got on this phone call. I did two scenes. I wasn’t looking to do another television series because I’ve done that so much and I’ve been doing more film. But Tim—even the opportunity to meet him would’ve been an honor.”

She continued, “Also Wednesday had never really been represented in the Latina light, even though she is Latina, and I think that’s really important. It would be cool to give that layer and level of representation to girls who look like me or are a part of my community. I read with them. I wasn’t feeling too confident in my read. I remember I sent my mom tapes of me doing the scenes after like, ‘Do you think this would’ve been better? Maybe I should’ve gone this way.’ The actual shooting of the show was really interesting. There were so many different paths we could’ve taken for this character. I know that’s weird to say because she’s deadpan. But even while filming, we tried so many different reads and so many different options. I hope it’s something people agree with and like. We did try to do something a little bit different. I just hope it’s received and I do her justice.”

But back to the Monster in Wednesday. So…who is the Monster in Wednesday? Read on for who the Monster in Wednesday is and what happened in the end the first season of the Addams Family spinoff.

What is the Monster in Wednesday?

Wednesday 3 Who Is the Monster in Wednesday? The Real Villain Has a Surprising Addams Family Connection

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

What is the Monster in Wednesday? The Monster was introduced in the episode one of Wednesday when Wednesday Addams, a 16-year-old with psychic powers, is almost killed by her fellow telekinetic classmate Rowan Laslow, but is saved by the Monster, who is murdered by the Monster. Wednesday convinces Sheriff Donovan Galpin that the perpetrator of the recent murders in Jericho, Vermont—the town Wednesday moves to to attend Nevermore Academy, the same school attended by her parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams—is, in fact, the Monster. As Wednesday investigates the Monster, police find a camera that captured a photograph of the creature. Wednesday and the Thing, a disembodied hand and relative of Wednesday sent by her family to watch over her, break into the coroner’s office to copy files on the Monster’s victims and learn that each victim had body parts surgically removed. Wednesday becomes suspicious of Xavier Thorpe, a classmate who has the power to make his art come to life, and discovers drawings of the monster in Xavier’s art studio. The drawings lead her to the Monster’s lair, where she retrieves one of the creature’s claws and gives it to Sheriff Galpin. After Eugene Otinger, another classmate, witnesses a cloaked figure detonating the Monster’s cave, Wednedsay senses that Eugene is in danger and finds him in the forest severely injured by the Monster.

Later, Wednesday finds herself at the Gates mansion—the home of Laurel Gates, a relative of Garrett Gates (a former Nevermore student killed by Morticia 30 years ago), who is believed to be dead but may still be alive. At the mansion, Wednesday discovers severed body parts from the Monster’s victims in a cellar but is forced to escape before she can investigate further when she’s attacked by the Monster. When she returns to the cellar, she finds it empty. Wednesday later encounters Uncle Fester, who explains to her that the Monster she’s been investigating is a creature called a Hyde. Wednesday sneaks into Nevermore’s library and reads in a book of outcast communities by Nevermore’s founder Nathaniel Faulkner that Hydes are “artists by nature, but equally vindictive in temperament.” She also learns that Hydes always have a master.

“Born of mutation, the Hyde lays dormant until unleashed by a traumatic event or unlocked through chemical inducement or hypnosis,” Nathaniel wrote. “This causes the Hyde to develop an immediate bond with its liberator, who the creature now sees as its master. It becomes the willing instrument of whatever nefarious agenda this new master might propose.”

Who is the Monster in Wednesday?

Wednesday 4 Who Is the Monster in Wednesday? The Real Villain Has a Surprising Addams Family Connection

Image: Vlad Cioplea/Netflix.

Who is the Monster in Wednesday? The answer is Tyler Galpin. In episode seven of Wednesday, the Jericho police arrest Xavier, who Wednesday believes to be the Monster. After Xavier’s arrest, Wednesday kisses Tyler Galpin, Sheriff Galpin’s son who she goes on a date with. During their kiss, Wednesday has a vision of Tyler as a Hyde and realizes that he’s the Monster. Wednesday and her classmates lure Tyler to the forest, where they kidnap him and torture him to seek a confession. At the police station, Tyler confesses to being the Monster. Disagreeing with her methods, Wednesday’s classmates tell Nevermore’s principal, Larissa Weems, about Wednesday’s torture of Tyler, and Wednesday is arrested. At the police station, however, Tyler confirms he is the Monster after he confesses to being a Hyde.

Who is the Monster’s master in Wednesday?

Wednesday Who Is the Monster in Wednesday? The Real Villain Has a Surprising Addams Family Connection

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Who is the Monster’s master in Wednesday? The answer is Marilyn Thornhill. Wednesday first suspects Dr. Valerie Kinbott, her therapist, of being the Monster’s master after she sees Xavier, who was her first suspect to be the Monster, meet up with Dr. Kinbott in the wood. After Dr. Kinbott is killed by the Hyde and Tyler is revealed to be the Monster, Wednesday learns that Marilyn Thornhill, a botany teacher at Nevermore (who is played by Christina Ricci, who also played Wednesday in 1991’s The Addams Family movie), is the Monster’s master. She learns this after Eugene tells her that she saw a figure at the Monster’s cave with red boots matching those worn by Ms. Thornhill. Using her shapeshifting powers, Principal Weems and Wednesday force Ms. Thornhill to confess her true identity. Ms. Thornhill reveals that she’s, in fact, Laurel Gates, Garrett Gate’s relative who is believed to be dead. After her confession, Ms. Thornhill/Laurel kills Principal Weems and subdues Wednesday. Using Wednesday’s blood, Laurel resurrects Joseph Crackstone, Jericho’s forefather who wants to kill all outcasts. Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s roommate, transforms into a werewolf and defeats Tyler. Wednesday, who is saved by Goody, her deceased ancestor who she often sees in visions, defeats Crackstone before he can destroy Nevermore. Wednesday and Eugene then defeat Gates. Wednesday season one ends with Xavier’s release from prison and Wednesday leaving Nevermore, which closes for the rest of the semester.

Wednesday is available to stream on Netflix.

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