11 Money-Saving Apps You’ll Use Every Day

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11 Money-Saving Apps You’ll Use Every Day
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When it comes to money, we all could use a little more, right? Unfortunately though, the cost of living today is sky-high, and saving isn’t exactly an easy feat for most young women. Luckily, one thing the present has going for it is the fact that technology makes it easy to enjoy things like shopping, dining out, and travel without spending an arm and a leg using clever money-saving apps.

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Whether you’re looking to save at the grocery store, on gas, or just want to try a new restaurant at a discount, there’s an app fo that. From printable coupons, scannable barcodes or programs that let you earn money just for shopping, we’ve compiled 11 money-saving apps you’ll use every day.

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With Favado, you can compare prices across stores to see which one has this week's lowest prices on a variety of things. You'll also be able to tell the app your favorite brands and retailer, and it'll update you when that store has a sale or when certain products are discounted. The app also teamed up with Cellfire to provide users with instant coupons that let you add even more savings to your transactions.


If you drive, you know that paying for gas is a killer. With the GasBuddy app, you'll be able to find the cheapest petrol stations near you or by postal code, and it allows you to report gas prices to help fellow users. The kicker? GasBuddy also offers the chance to win $100 of gas each day.


The tagline is "better than coupons" for a reason. According to TechCrunch, instead of “clipping coupons” digitally, the app has you engage with brands by answering a trivia question, or a single survey question, reading a fact, watching a video, or sharing on social media. For each action, you earn money. After you claim your offers, you then scan the barcode on your items and snap a photo of your receipt to submit your claim.

You're also able to save yout earnings and put them into your bank account via PayPal and Venmo, or turn them directly into gift cards from Starbucks, iTunes and more. 


Sure, we all know Foursquare as a way to "check-in" to restaurants, shops and retailers around the world, but the app also gets to know your preferences and offers exclusive discounts like "one free beer" or "$5 off" when checking into some retailers and restaurants. 


Groupon is the ultimate place to look for deals on everything from shopping, spa-ing, dining, fitness, beauty, travel, and more. Every deal can be immediately used, and the discounts are often hefty.


Whether you want to go to a cool concert, get a massage, or eat at a hot new restaurant, Living Social offers new deals daily for things you can do in your city, or across the nation.


With the RetailMeNot app, you'll get all the amazing coupons, discounts and deals that you do on the website at your fingertips. You can search over 50,000 retailers to look for exclusive coupons and discounts, enjoy exclusive food offers at thousands of nationwide and local restaurants and browse "Just For You" coupons.



This clever app helps you find the best prices, coupons and deals for your favorite products and stores whether it be online or in-store. Scan a barcode or search for an item and RedLaser will show you all the best prices online or locally. You'll also be able to read reviews, see nutrition facts, store locations and hours and in-store maps.



Scoutmob is a free app that connects you to local deals, events, restaurants and anything else you're exploring in your city by offering discounts. You can also learn about all the cool things going on in your city from other Scoutmob users.


Shopkick offers it's users free gift cards just for shopping! Yes, it's true. Get points for walking into stores like Target, Macy's, Best Buy and more. The app shows you the best products and deals nearby. You can redeem the points you earn for for giftcards!


Kayak is a must-have for any budget-savvy traveler. You'll be able to compare prices for flights, airfare, and car rentals in order to pay the lowest price for your dream vacation, or that work trip you have to lay out money for.

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