7 Money-Making Mobile Apps You Need To Check Out

Kristen Bousquet
7 Money-Making Mobile Apps You Need To Check Out
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Let’s be honest—we’re not exactly Beyoncé, so we don’t have money laying around to spend at our leisure. Between rent, groceries, and transportation, we’re often left with what seem like loose change to spend on things like clothing, weekend activities, and Starbucks. (You know, the important things!.)

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What we do have at our disposal are mobile devices—iPhones and Androids galore. Beyond Facebook and Twitter, there are actually some really amazing things we can do with these smartphones, including making some fast cash, which we all know would be useful.

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Here, we’e rounded up some of our favorite mobile applications that you can use to make cash—literally right now! Click through the gallery above to check them out.

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What You Do: Choose between tons of random tasks, from moving furniture to taking photographs.

Average Pay: $10-50

Price: Free

Download TaskRabbit here.


What You Do: Choose a gig or small errand around your town to complete.

Average Pay: $5-50

Price: Free

Download Gigwalk here.


What You Do: Take photos of food and fashion products, send your photos in to the Icon Zoomer developers and designers, and earn PayPal cash for completing assignments.

Average Pay: $5+

Price: Free

Download IconZoomer here.


What You Do: Get "kicks" (points) just for walking into a store! You can trade those points in for rewards. Also, you can see which discounts are happening at any store you're in.

Average Pay: $5+

Price: Free

Download shopkick here.


What You Do: This app pays you to shop and dine at your favorite places! Earn cash and rewards by giving feedback to the businesses you frequent and love.

Average Pay: $5+

Price: Free

Download Mobee here.

Field Agent

What You Do: Complete small assignments at convenient places around your city that can earn you cold, hard cash.

Average Pay: $3-15

Price: Free

Download Field Agent here.


What You Do: Find "shifts" at nearby stores and shops that can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Send in your answers/photos and receive a payment through PayPal.

Average Pay: $3-15

Price: Free

Download EasyShift here.

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