You Can Now Buy a $2.5 Million Monet On Amazon

Meghan Blalock
monet painting amazon

Courtesy Photo

Amazon Fine Art is officially up and running, and the online shopping site’s newest arm is off to a big start. Among the famous works of art currently for sale is Claude Monet’s “Fragment de Nympéas” which is available for $2.5 million.

Monet painted the oil-on-canvas work around 1915, and it depicts his well-recognized favorite water lily pond in Paris. It’s one of the most expensive of about 40,000 works of art currently up for offer on Amazon, all sourced from more than 150 galleries and dealers around the world.

“We are excited to bring one of the largest selections of fine art direct from galleries to our customers. Amazon Art gives galleries a way to bring their passion and expertise about the artists they represent to our millions of customers,” Peter Faricy, vice president for the Amazon Marketplace, said in a statement from the site. “We’re thrilled to bring the excitement and emotional connection of art to our customers.”

It’s almost comical that a $2.5 million work of art is available for purchase on the Internet. But at least it comes with this caveat: free shipping. Well in that case! Where do we sign? Check out the painting in more detail over on Amazon.

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