A Moment With Katy Rodriguez


If you’ve lived on both coasts – NY & LA – there is a lot of sacrifice that comes with moving from one to the other. NY’ers miss their bagels and LA’ers miss their Coffee Bean. Since I’ve been living a life of back and forth for awhile, I’ve been able to satisfy my needs for both caffeine and carbs. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to time and curb these cravings. Luckily, Katy Rodriguez understands that to feel complete, you should have your cake and eat it too. That is why we are (seriously) blessed that Resurrection Vintage is the one thing you need not live without. After all, no coast should suffer such a loss. Thank you, Katy! Yours is the ultimate shopping destination.

If this wasn’t enough to keep us fashion addicts happy, Katy Rodriguez also launched her own eponymous line. A line that has been well received and embraced by fashion insiders. I caught up with Katy to talk about her Fall collection and (solid) choice of model/socialite, Jessica Joffe to show off her new collection.

MC: What is the inspiration behind your Fall line?

KR: I was really influenced by a group of photos by Jennifer Precious Finch of L7. She took really intimate and beautiful pictures of her friends in the 80’s. I have a real soft spot for punk rock girls in crinolines. I also think facebook had a lot to do with it. I got back in touch with a bunch of punk rock girls I had not been in contact with for 20 years. I realized those girls had influenced a big part of my life and it is a bit of an homage to them.

MC: Interesting choice of model. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Jessica Joffe at StyleCaster.. How did you decide to use a socialite vs. model to shoot your look book?

KR: I love Jessica too! She is one of my favorite people and best friends. I like to shoot my clothes on real people most of the time. I have only really used models in my runway shows. Last season we shot Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama. When I asked her to model she said: “I am five foot four and not that close to 25. What do you want with me?” I thought Siobhan was very funny, beautiful and interesting as an artist and a woman. I also saw her as the perfect woman to wear the collection. The pictures came out great and we did a really cool poster.

It was a similar situation with Jessica in that I wanted to shoot someone that had a big personality and made sense with the clothes. A lof of the inspiration behind the clothes came from my punk rock club days which is the complete antithesis to Jessica’s experience–but Jessica has such an independent and “F-YOU” attitude that I thought she worked perfectly. It would have been really boring and unauthentic to dress a model up like a punk girl.


MC: What came first – the casting for a naked shoot or a beautiful girl casted that looked good naked? Just asking.

KR: I came up with the idea after we had already cast Jessica. I wanted to do something that would show the collection in the right context, which to me was stripped down but also sort of regal and beautiful. I also wanted to do something very different with Jessica’s image. A lot of people have preconceived ideas about who she is and more often than not, those ideas are false. I love this aspect of her public persona and wanted to play with it. If we would have shot our concept with  a model, it would not have had the same effect. To me the shoot was more of an exercise in portraiture rather than a fashion or catalog shoot. Jessica had already been working with Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton so I knew she was comfortable with them and they were perfect for doing this kind of shoot. When I asked Jessica if she would do the party skirt shots topless, she said yes right away. Honestly, I was a little surprised but mostly really excited because I thought it was the absolute best way to show the skirts. I really focused on the skirts this season and wanted to show them completely uninterrupted and give them the importance of a dress. The picture of Jessica in the zombie skirt is my favorite. It looks like a Flemish master painting with a twist!

MC: So, between Resurrection, the premiere vintage outlets on both coasts and designing your signature line, is there time for much more? PS. You are our idol. *screaming fans in the background*

KR: HA! That’s really funny. It’s getting harder as I am getting older but most of my free time is spent with my boyfriend, Tony or resting up for another week of work. I love what I do. I realize how lucky I have been. I truly LOVE fashion. It is my life.

MC: Can you tell me about your golden vintage find to date?

KR: Yesterday my partner found a Kaisik Wong ensemble. I grew up in San Francisco where he worked and I always admired his clothes and have desperately wanted on of his pieces. As a kid, I rode the bus by the store Obiko where he sold his clothes every day and was mesmerized by the windows.

MC: If i could be, I would be (more) jealous than I already am. Sadly, I’m all maxed out in that department. Tell me, who are you blog lovin’?

KR: StyleCaster (of course –PS. I didn’t pay her to say this! Promise!), StyleBubble and PerezHilton.com.

MC: Any parting words, Katy?

KR: Just that I am excited about a new fashion website and blog and I think it’s great you are covering small designers. It’s been a tough year for us and it’s nice to be heard. 🙂

MC: Wait, did you just call yourself small?

You can find Katy’s complete collection on Style.com. These images are a few outtakes you will not find in the look book come May: