Mom Slams Victoria’s Secret for ‘Pornographic’ Mall Ads Catering to Teens

Mom Slams Victoria’s Secret for ‘Pornographic’ Mall Ads Catering to Teens
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Victoria’s Secret is under fire by a very angry mom. Jessie Shealy, a mom from South Carolina, slammed the popular lingerie brand for its risqué and often semi-nude advertisements, which she likened to pornography, Business Insider first reported.

Shealy took to Victoria’s Secret Facebook to air her grievances. In a heated comment, she claimed that the store was sending a negative message to often young, teenage customers by featuring advertisements of half-naked women “pulling down [their] panties.”

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Shealy also lambasted Victoria’s Secret for not separating its lingerie sections from its PINK division, an athleisure brand geared toward teenage and college-age women. Though several malls feature separate stores for PINK and Victoria’s Secret, Shealy’s local mall and many others house the brands under the same shop. Shealy—who has teenager daughters who shop at PINK—pointed out that this means that younger shoppers often walk through Victoria’s Secret’s racy ads to reach PINK.

“It’s basically pornography,” Shealy wrote. “I’ve not been happy with the displays for a while but when the models are spread leg, pulling down panties and even bare bottom women on the walls … it is VERY embarrassing for a family.”

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According to Business Insider, Shealy has called and emailed Victoria’s Secret, as well as her local South Carolina mall, Columbiana Centre, several times to complain about the advertisements. As of yet, Victoria’s Secret hasn’t responded to the controversy.


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