185 Wedding Dresses to Inspire Any Modern Bride

185 Wedding Dresses to Inspire Any Modern Bride
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There once was a time when getting married meant waking down the aisle in something that resembled a hybrid between an upside-down bell and a giant cream puff. Basically, all brides were required to be replicas of the one found atop a 1950s wedding cake even if, on a normal day, they’d never dream of leaving the house in anything even remotely similar. We’ve come a long way since then, ladies.

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Today, brides are less concerned with fitting a mold of what they’re supposed to look like on their wedding day, and more focused on finding a dress that accurately reflects their personal style and, likely, doesn’t require a wide-angle lens to shoot.

Designers have risen to the challenge in spades—one look at runway photos from bridal shows and that’s abundantly clear—showcasing beautiful, appropriate, varied styles to suit every type of bride.

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Instead of simply settling for a traditional white strapless gown, you’re now able to easily find styles that are long-sleeve, backless, short, beaded, boxy, bodycon, minimalist, you name it. Still eager to wear that traditional white strapless gown? You’ll find plenty of those, too.

If you’re not exactly sure what you want, we’ve put together a comprehensive handbook of bridal dresses (and pants! And skirts!) that features over 185 looks that’ll inspire you when figuring out what statement you want to make on your wedding day.

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