20 Modern Ways to Style a Denim Skirt for Spring

Kristen Bousquet
20 Modern Ways to Style a Denim Skirt for Spring
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Newsflash: Everything that’s old is new again in fashion, which isn’t always for the best (we’re dreading the day when hot pink terrycloth tracksuits become a thing with street style stars), but sometimes, a retro piece come back in such a big way, we can’t help but get excited. Case in point: The denim skirt.

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We’re not talking about the denim skirts of yore—those super-stiff, faded, GAP styles that were popular in the ’90s (though, if properly styled those can be totally acceptable)—but rather modern takes like those in deeper washes, varied lengths, and slightly ’70s-tinged detailing like button fronts.

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If you need some ideas about how style your denim skirt for spring, look no further than the gallery above!