Modern Family TV Show Proves to be a Hit


Sometimes it pays off to not make and re-make the same sitcom/reality show season after season. Modern Family, which debuted last night on ABC, could have been the typical “oh, ha ha, aren’t we a quirky, sarcastic family with an overweight dad, a gorgeous mom, and mouthy kids,” but nope. The show rated a 4.3 in the ratings in the 18 to 49 year old demographic.

The show is basically about three immediate families, who are related to each other. The first is the typical suburban group, with a smattering of kids, a cute mom, and a father who wants to be “The Cool Dad,” and says things like “LOL, and WTF.” To give you an example, as punishment for shooting his sister with a BB gun, the father was supposed to shoot his son in the same fashion; they stood around the calendar for the ideal time that day when they would all be available and decided on 4:15.


The second family is a gay couple who just adopted a Vietnamese baby, and, expecting prejudice upon returning home, is surprised and a little put off that more people don’t disapprove. On the plane ride home, there’s a “cream puff” incident that’s definitely laugh-worthy.

The third family is Ed O’Neil (Al Bundy), who recently married a knockout Latina, and her own lovesick pre-adolescent son Manny. All three families are very diverse, and with witty banter and a fresh take on what really makes a family, it’s not that surprising the show has taken off.

Modern Family also is shown on Hulu….for those of you who don’t have TV. Don’t judge.