Models Veronica Varekova & Lauren Bush Share Their 5 Must-Haves At Steuben’s “Big 5” Promo

Models Veronica Varekova & Lauren Bush Share Their 5 Must-Haves At Steuben’s “Big 5” Promo
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Talk about being a model citizen: last night at their flagship store on Madison Avenue, luxury glassware company Steuben partnered with cover girl Veronica Varekova to host an event in support of the African Wildlife Foundation (of which Verakova is the spokesperson). In addition to auctioning off 21 works from some of the biggest names in the art and design worlds, Steuben launched their Big 5 promotion to raise money for the AWF. Featuring glass replicas of some of the animals from the African heartlands, 10% of the sale of any Big 5 animal sculptures will be donated to the foundation along with all of the proceeds from the silent auction.

In the spirit of the evening, the events woman of the hour, Veronica Varekova, and model/host committee member Lauren Bush shared with me their current Big 5 must-haves be they for an African safari or everyday life. I compiled my own list of things that I learned from attending last nights fabulous soiree scroll through the slide show to find out. Doing good never looked so stylish!

Want to know more about how you can help the AWF? Varekovasuggests visiting the African Wildlife Foundations website at Everything takes time, she says, but whats great is that this is not an endless story.”

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Veronica Varekova’s “Big 5”:
Having been approached to be the spokesperson for the AWF almost three and a half years ago Veronica has developed a go-to list for her trips to Africa. Her must-haves?
1.) Crème de la Mer. Varekova swears by it “always.”
2.) A good shampoo (Varekova loves Shu Uemura).
3.) Ray Ban sunglasses.
4.) Bug Spray, because part of being fabulous in the wild is being prepared!
5.) Her Hublot watch. The Swiss watchmaker created this special timepiece in support of the AWF and its goodwill ambassador, with sales going towards the organization.

Lauren Bush’s “Big 5”:
A shot of the ever-classy Lauren Bush, who broke it down:
1.) Feed’s new “Trick-or-Treat” bag.  This updated look was created in the spirit of Halloween and is available for purchase online at
2.) Clarins Rosewood lip balm, which Bush told me she had just purchased earlier that day!
3.) Her BlackBerry.
4.) Ballet flats (Bush loves Repetto).
5.) iPad Scrabble.

Now for my "Big 5" of the night...
Peacocking for the Concrete Jungle 101. What we Manhattanites lack in bright plumage we make up for in statement pieces. In eye-catching Swarovski crystal-encrusted headphones, DJ Donna D’Cruz blasted jams for the event, while attendee Leonard Bridges rocked out in a leopard print cap to stand out from the pack.

Leonard Bridges, in a leopard print cap to stand out from the pack, and his friend, M. Crawford, peacocking equally as well!

2. It’s in the bag. From the oversized clutches that models Varekova and Petra Nemcova accessorized with to Lauren Bush’s new “trick-or-treat” tote for Feed – Steuben’s Flagship Store on Madison was filled with some of this season’s finest pocketbooks.

Lookin' fine and pretty.

The scene.

3.  A little Chanel goes a long way. The oversized clutches and Feed tote aside, it was the French label’s signature quilted purse that ruled the event in terms of arm candy.  J’adore!

and more...

...and more!

4. Animal Instincts. Deep down, we’ve all got an inner-lioness just dying to get out. While model and Feed co-founder Lauren Bush relates most to the “magnificent” elephants for “their family structure and values,” Hilton Brothers Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg feel connected to the giraffe (“they’ve got the best view of everything,” says Chris) and zebra respectively. Why the striped crusader?  “What’s wrong with being pretty?” Absolutely nothing!

Steuben glass.

Cute couple.

Animal insticts.

5. The New Plus-One. While there were no actual African wildlife creatures in attendance (glass replicas aside), there was one animal who managed to make it: a black Pomeranian puppy!  When in doubt and without a date, you can’t go wrong with a pooch when your four-legged friend is this cute.

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