Model Best Friends: Karlie Kloss & Jourdan Dunn 4Eva


The cutthroat modeling industry must be pretty tough to navigate if you don’t have at least one best buddy to lean on. Luckily, so many of the top girls in the industry have made sisterly bonds with their fellow models to help them keep their sanity and their heads on their shoulders. There’s Coco and Behati, Abbey Lee and Freja, and now Karlie Kloss and Jourdan Dunn have come forth to proclaim their undying love and friendship in the newest issue of i-D. Read on to find out some fun facts about the dynamic duo, who share a birthday, a love for Glee and an epic size-40 shoe collection.

1. The two girls share the same birthday, August 3, but Karlie was born in 1992 and Jourdan in 1990. They found this out while bonding at a shoot for Topshop in London.

2. They have sickeningly cute nicknames for each other: Jour Jour and Kar. When they’re together, they say that people call them “Jourlie.”

3. Karlie says that Jourdan has two hidden talents: she makes some kick-ass fried chicken and she can drive a stick-shift.

4. They consider themselves to be homebodies, which sort of makes sense because they’re both underage. Their ladies’ nights consist of spending time with Jourdan’s son Riley, going out to eat, watching movies or marathon girl talk sessions.

5. Both girls have some wild memories from nights out together, however: Karlie’s favorite is the baby shower that she and Sessilee Lopez threw Jourdan in London in 2009, and Jourdan will never forget a particular Versace party in Milan where Abbey Lee got locked in the bathroom for an hour and they couldn’t get her out.

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6. Since they are both “giants with size 40 feet,” they constantly steal each other’s clothes and shoes.

7. Both models love to eat and are whiz kids in the kitchen. Karlie is famous for her baked goods and Jourdan likes to put her own twist on classic Asian and Caribbean recipes.

8. The girls love Glee. Karlie has a not-so-secret crush on Cory Monteith’s character Finn, and Jourdan’s favorite way to unwind is to kick back and watch the show with a glass of white wine.

9. They both have big dreams beyond modeling: Karlie wants to go to medical school and have a family with five little boys, and Jourdan wants to start a denim line with flattering fits for every body type.

10. This i-D Spring 2011 cover was both of their favorite fashion shoots to date. “It was all about my best friend and me,” Jordan said. “We’re more than friends, we’re family. Karlie’s the sister I never had.” When asked what is the best thing about being Jourdan’s friend, Karlie replied, “I have found my best friend, sister and soul mate by the age of eighteen. I don’t know anyone else in the world so lucky.”

Photos: Kayt Jones for i-D