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‘Pose’ Star Mj Rodriguez Reveals the Character She’d Love to Swap Wardrobes With

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‘Pose’ Star Mj Rodriguez Reveals the Character She’d Love to Swap Wardrobes With

Mj Rodriguez may play one of TV’s fiercest characters, but in the Pose cast, there’s another character she would love to swap wardrobes with. “Definitely Dominique Jackson. Elektra. Hands down,” she told STYLECASTER in a game of Pose cast superlatives.

Rodriguez, who stars as Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista on FX’s Pose, is the cover star of STYLECASTER’s “Summer of Love” issue, a collection of celebrity interviews, essays and stories that celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. In her cover story, Rodriguez talked about the first time she read the script for Pose and read the breakdowns for five different trans characters.

“I saw a character named Lulu. I saw a character named Candy. I saw characters named Elektra and Angel. And then I saw this character named Blanca,” she recalled. “She wasn’t as polished as the other girls, but that didn’t stop her. I thought of myself and all the other girls behind me that feel the same exact way. At the time, I was struggling—not with who I was as a woman—but with figuring out how I fit in this space of other women.”

Though Pose, which airs its series finale on June 6, is ending, Rodriguez notes the impact the show has had on trans representation in Hollywood. “Ten years ago, people weren’t receiving trans women in any roles. If they were, they put us in as prostitutes or in small guest roles. They would never consider us for a lead part,” she said. “That was where we were systematically put in—until Pose. Pose changed the dynamic.”

Watch the video above to see Mj Rodriguez assign superlatives to the Pose cast.

The series finale of Pose airs Sunday, June 6, on FX.

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