Miuccia Prada Thinks Italy’s Fashion Status is Dwindling

Clare Todhunter

fullres27 Miuccia Prada Thinks Italys Fashion Status is Dwindling

We all know Italy to be an influential capital of luxury fashion, having brought us some of the labels like Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, and Armani. But has Italy truly secured its status in the high fashion world? Miuccia Prada thinks not. WWD reports that the Prada creative director recently spoke her mind with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, voicing her concerns about Italy’s declining fashion status. “With the sale of our luxury labels to foreigners, our entire system risks falling into second league,” she reportedly told the paper.

Prada continued: “Fashion goes elsewhere, looking for the best.” Hmm, just like Americans did featuring her alongside Schiaparelli for this year’s Costume Institute exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? (We’d like to chalk this up to Americans knowing a good thing when we see it).

She also discussed designer Raf Simons, who recently left Italian-based label Jil Sanders for Dior in Paris, as well as her own decision to show her Miu Miu line in France. According to the designer, the “Made in Italy” label just doesn’t cut it anymore. “We live in a weak cultural world, we are a country that has never wanted or known how to protect and promote its immense landscape and artistic patrimony,” she told La Repubblica.

We’re not sure if we completely agree with Ms. Prada (considering that we’d contemplate giving our first born for a piece of her line, which is, of course, Italian-born and bred), but we’re still pleased to see that this design powerhouse won’t be resting on her laurels anytime soon.