Missoni Spring 2010 Ad Campaign: Family Affair (Plus 10 Favorite Teller Campaigns)


The Missoni ad campaign for spring 2010 is expected to have a more homey, warm and fuzzy, family feel. Angela Missoni hired acclaimed photographer Juergen Teller to shoot the whole Missoni family at dinner and capture eight images that would be the branding images for the Missoni spring/summer 2010 collection. Teller, being the passionate person that he is, shot 42. No surprise there. The ad is set for publication in February, with much anticipation from fashionistas everywhere, for it will be the closest thing that many of us will come to actually having dinner with the coveted Missoni clan. The only thing more desirable than the dinner invite, would be being photographed by Juergen Teller himself.

In honor of Teller’s latest collaboration with Missoni, we pay homage to the infamous photographer with our 10 favorite Teller campaigns of the past.

1. Pamela Anderson, Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2009
It was a different look for Pam — more bohemian than stripper chic. Teller captured the blonde bombshell in beach scenes alongside Vivienne Westhood herself, all adorned in the designer’s latest creations.

2. Charlotte Rampling, Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2004
It was only meant to be Charlotte Rampling in the photo, but Teller couldn’t resist. Why should he? He was the creative mind behind this iconic ad campaign. Shot in a suite at the Hotel Crillon in Paris, Teller cast himself as the male role, but couldn’t fit into any of the clothes, except for a pair of silver hot pants. It worked out, in the end.

3. Cole Mohr, Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 08
It is not everyday that you see a male model in a dress for a menswear campaign. But, if anyone can make it work, it’s Teller.

4. Winona Ryder, Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2003
It was only after Ryder was caught shoplifting that Teller deemed her suitable for the Marc Jacobs S/S 2003 ad campaign. This photo, entitled “Winona Contemplates Dinner” is definitely the most memorable (in our opinions), but maybe not more so than her mugshot.

5. Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2008
While her face was not featured in this photo, it is probably Beckham’s most memorable moment in her brief stint as the face of Marc Jacobs. As always, she is bedecked in heels.

6. Dominica, W Magazine March 2009
Teller went for a more exotic motif with his Dominica editorial spread, capturing models in front of backdrops such as caves, trees, and exotic plant life.

7. Lara Stone, The Journal Fall/Winter 2008 Cover
In stride with Teller’s controversial signature, he captured high fashion model Lara Stone with voluminous hair in minimal coverage of black beads and light makeup, creating a captivating and memorable cover.

8. Kristen McMenamy, W Magazine October 2008
Known for her androgynous look, Kristen McMenamy has been gracing high fashion ad campaigns and the pages and covers of magazines since the mid-80s. Teller captured Kristen in her signature androgynous look during this W Magazine editorial spread.

9. Anne de Bourbon, “The Clients” 1999
Shot in Paris, the photo series, The Clients, captured socialites in haute couture and was Teller’s attempt at portraying them as everyday people.

10. Nadja Auermann, I-D Magaziine October 1992
Teller captured Nadja right when she hit it big in 1991, when she signed with Elite Model Managment. After being captured by the acclaimed photographer, it is safe to say that her career sky rocketed from there.

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