Missoni Home Pillow: “Need It To Save Face” Item of the Day

Kerry Pieri

What’s a girl to do should she get a call from The Selby, Natalie Joos or the Coveteur to shoot her home and closet, and she’s spent the last few years dedicating all of her disposable income to Pamela Love, vintage Chanel, sample sale finds and Proenza dresses and the rest of her apartment looks, well, kind of homeless? Invest in good home pieces starting with your favorite designers who translate their best patterns into perfect throw pillows and cashmere blankets, of course.

Get your Rachel Zoe on by adding some signature Missoni zigzags to your pristine white bed or hand me down couch and you’ll instantly start transforming your space to compete, or at least not embarrass, your already awesome closet.

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Missoni throw pillows, $215, at Net-a-Porter