Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty


When Janet Jackson’s multiplatinum album “Control” hit the radio waves, I begged my mom for a perm so I, too, can join the declaration of artistic independence. She agreed to let me fry my hair like a poodle and rock a military blazer from the little boy’s department at Nordstrom. She even smiled at me through the rear view mirror while I jerked my head aggressively from side to side like an Egyptian. Take note, this was 1986 and I wasn’t bobbing my head to a hip-hop beat until 1994. It was literally side-to-side with a stretched neck.  Ok, bad visual. Moving on to Janet news.

The legendary hip-hop and R&B diva teamed with Bruno Schiavi, the Australian lingerie designer behind Dr. Rey’s Shapewear line for her debut fashion duet, Pleasure Principle. The 18-piece line will retail for under $40 and will be available in U.S. stores in the coming months.  Jackson and Schiavi are already in talks about additional lines and collaborations beyond lingerie in 2009. Jackson is also embarking on her first North American concert tour in seven years next month. Will she pull inspiration from her on-stage wardrobe for future endeavors or dig deep into one of her many archived looks? 

Janet, if you’re reading, I suggest Rhythm Nation as a jump off for your Fall 2009 collection. The military styling and strong shoulders are perfect for my current state of dress.