Mischa Barton: Fashion’s Newest Bag Lady

Spencer Cain

Oh, Mischa Barton. Where do I even begin? Back in the day, everyone wanted to be her — or at least her iconic character Marissa Cooper on The OC. I mean, who didn’t want to swig scotch out of a flask at school or have an anxiety attack that resulted in the throwing of lawn furniture into a pool?

Since her glory days, Mischa’s been keeping a low profile. Between ill-fated relationships with Hollywood bad boys like Brandon Davis and Cisco Adler and her short-lived model drama The Beautiful Life, the world has been cruel to her. But is her luck finally turning around?

This past week, Mischa launched an eponymous handbag line at NYC boutique A. Turen. The party was well-attended by fashion folk including super stylist and future VH1 reality star June Ambrose. In fact, Refinery 29 reports that VH1’s cameras were rolling throughout the affair. Of course, it’s only natural to be skeptical about Mischa diving into design, but her bags ARE cute and practical. Her many weight fluctuations and bad fashion choices in recent years have clouded our memories, but this girl does have a great fashion aesthetic.

With the right team behind her and some good reality TV placement, I think Mischa has a shot at getting back on track. (She just needs to stay away from the drama and hawk those purses like there’s no tomorrow.)

Image via Sipa