Steal Her Style: Miroslava Duma’s Oswald Helgason Sweatshirt

Perrie Samotin
Paris str RF13 9629

Photo via Imaxtree

It’s funny, but Russian fashion writer and It-girl Miroslava Duma emerges in off-the-runway outfits on a regular basis—in fact, one could argue that’s probably a pretty big part of her job—but ever since we saw her emerge wearing this particular look during Fashion Week last February, it’s remained lucid in the portion of our memory cordoned off for amazing outfits.

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The whole getup is by Ostwald Helgason, the fairly new and ultra-hip London-based label founded by Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason in 2008, but it’s the sweatshirt that’s really got us hooked. Emblazoned with a picture Charles Baudelaire, the dark french poet, essayist, and Edgar Allen Poe translator, it lends a perfectly undone vibe to the structured striped skirt and black suede platforms.

While at $185 it definitely doesn’t come cheap per se, the sweatshirt is decidedly less than most items in Oswald Helgason’s collection—and most items spotted on Miss Duma, who’s no stranger to strolling out in head-to-toe Chanel—and would make a nice little fall splurge if you’re looking to get in on the season’s major fashion sweatshirt trend in an in-the-know way.

Steal her style: Oswald Helgason Baudelaire Sweatshirt, $185; at My-Wardrobe