Has Anyone Else Noticed Miranda Lambert’s Fashion Transformation? The Star’s Stylist Tells All

Even if you don’t follow country music, you might have noticed that its most badass leading lady Miranda Lambert has been popping up on red carpets looking seriously chic.

Until recently, Lambert—who rose to fame after becoming a finalist on reality show “Nashville Star” in 2003 and is married to fellow country singer Blake Shelton—was known more for jeans and boots than for glamorous gowns and sleek jumpsuits. Of course, her reported 45-pound weight loss could have something to do with her shift in style, or it simply could be because, as she’s maturing, she’s willing to break out of her sartorial box by embracing new silhouettes, designers, and on-trend accents like messy fishtail braids.

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Whatever the case, she’s been looking fierce lately, which is why we had to track down her stylist Tiffany Gifford. Here, Gifford spills on Miranda’s new sense of style, her best looks, and the one thing the country superstar will never wear.

Read on, then click through the gallery above to see a selection of Miranda’s most fashion-forward looks this year.

StyleCaster: How long have you been working with Miranda?
I’ve been working with Miranda since April of 2010—our first project was the Academy of Country Music Awards. She already had a dress and I contacted her manager to just bring accessories to get my foot in the door (I was a fashion editor at Conde Nast Traveler at the time). But, I knew the dress she had wasn’t quite right for her. She ended up ditching the dress she bought and wearing four different outfits I brought with me. We’ve been working together ever since.

Be honest: Does Miranda have a vested interest in fashion?
Miranda has in interest in fashion when it includes jeans, a tank and boots! She’s not a girly-girl like that, she much prefers being on her farm with her dogs and animals to sitting in a chair getting hair and makeup. But, it’s the interesting dichotomy that is Miranda—fashion and glam is part of who she is [because] she’s a down-home everygirl [but] also a superstar.

Is there anything she flat-out refuses to wear? 
It’s actually really funny, but she refuses to wear one-shoulder anything. She just has an aversion to it, but [otherwise] she’s up for anything! I once put her in a suede bathing suit in the desert in Palm Springs in the summer—in other words 110 degrees in the shade. She wasn’t terribly happy about it, but trusted my overall vision and will give anything a try.

Her red carpet looks have been really high-style lately. What are a few of your favorites, and why?
Her red carpet look from the Grammy’s! It was a custom Pamella Roland dress and some insane Kimberly McDonald earrings and bracelets. Miranda has always said the first time I ever dressed her was one of her favorite red carpet looks [which had also] been a Pamella Roland dress, so I approached the PR team at Pamella and asked if they’d be interested in doing something custom.

We’d also never worn red for a carpet, so that was something we wanted to tackle. The design team and I went back and forth on sketches and fabrics until we came to the simple and sleek gown she wore.

The earrings, funnily enough, she had actually worn the first time I dressed her too, but they had a different stone in the middle so they looked totally different. Then a “simple” $1 million dollars worth of diamond bangles that Michelle Obama had worn to the Inauguration – if they were good enough for the First Lady, they were good enough for us!

I also loved the jumpsuit she wore to introduce Shakira on The Billboard Music Awards. We had never done a pantsuit before and it was a simple black skinny leg jumpsuit that was just so chic – it was Haute Hippie – one of Miranda’s favorite brands. We kept is simple with a hot pink Brian Atwood platform and Elahn Jewels earrings and ring.

Country music has a reputation of not being particularly fashion-forward. Do you think that can change?
Truthfully, it is more fashion forward than it gets credit for. It’s a lot of the reason why I moved [to Nashville] from New York two and a half years ago—I wanted to be a part of that change of perception. The reality is, [country] has the widest audience that exists in the music industry and, from a business perspective, has huge reach. The artists aren’t all denim, rhinestones and fringe.

I think the fashion industry can [have] a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to country and just because they don’t listen to it or think it’s cool based on limited knowledge, they don’t want to be involved. It’s frustrating at times, but I feel like it’s people like Miranda that can help change that perception. So, I am so honored to work with her in that respect.