It’s Official: Miranda Kerr Won’t Be In This Year’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Valeria Nekhim

We’ve always thought of Miranda Kerr as being superhuman, but the model is citing her inability to be two places at once as the reason she won’t be walking in November’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Miranda, we expected more from you.

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Though rumors she won’t walk in the show have been circulating for a while, Kerr confirmed them to Fashionista last night. The Australian model also took the opportunity to deny reports the lingerie giant dropped her from the lineup for being “difficult.”

“They asked me to walk in the show, and I really wanted to, but I have to be in Asia that week,” Kerr said. “It’s interesting to know that it will be the first year that I’m not there,” she said. Interesting? We think sad is the more appropriate word here.

Kerr has strutted in the show pretty much every year since she was bestowed the Angel title in 2007 (the exception was in 2010, when she was pregnant with her son Flynn), and said it was a tough decision. “They are my family, and we’re all very close,” she explained.

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Rest assured the show will go on, with model Candice Swanepoel wearing the “fantasy bra”. This year’s jewel-encrusted creation is valued at a whopping $10 million and comes with two bodyguards. Kerr has worn the fantasy bra before, but now she says she’s focusing on her family and her rapidly growing beauty line, Kora Organics.

The 30-year-old says she uses her brand’s rosehip oil every night, prompting hubby Orlando Bloom to tell her, “Oh Miranda, you’re getting younger and younger!” (Seriously? Who says that!)

If you still need your dose of Miranda, check out the photo gallery above for some of her best looks as an Angel.

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