Miranda Kerr Talks Her New Baby and Sick Body On Conan


Miranda Kerr appeared on Conan last night to promote the brand new Victorias Secret Bombshell collection, as well as to (apparently) look adorable, flip her beautiful, bouncy hair and talk about her wonderful life as a mommy and wife. Conan wasted no time in telling the Australian beauty how fantastic her post-baby body looks, and Kerr
claims that regular yoga, a healthy diet and resistance training helped her bounce back into shape.

The mother of 4-month-old Flynn also spills some dirty details about her natural (!) childbirthnot only did it take 27 hours, she also forced her hubby Orlando to stay in the room with her the entire time. Watch the clip to find out more about Miranda’s beauty secrets and what she thinks is sexy, as well as to listen to her super cute giggles.

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