She Sings Too?! Miranda Kerr Is Releasing a Cover of an Elvis Presley Song

Becca Endicott

Miranda Kerr has definitely been working on spreading her wings recently—and we aren’t just talking her Victoria’s Secret Angel wings. This past year, the supermodel divorced hubby Orlando Bloom, partied with Miley, and was the unauthorized subject of a family tell-all that reveals that Kerr has been largely estranged from her immediate family in recent months.

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Opinions across the blogosphere are divided on whether Kerr is going off the rails or asserting her independence, but the model is definitely on a mission to try new things. Latest on the bucket list? A collaboration with musician pal Bobby Fox to release a cover of Elvis Presley’s song “You’re The Boss” on Fox’s debut album.

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The song was popularized by Elvis and Ann-Margret Olsson for the 1964 film “Viva Las Vegas,” and was originally conceived of by song-writing dynamic duo Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller. The Elvis/Ann-Margret recording is a sultry, breathy number that hits somewhere between rockabilly and British Invasion rock ‘n’ roll, genre-wise.

While our only real exposure to Kerr’s singing chops is this bizarre Japanese iced tea commercial, her duet companion Bobby Fox is a musical theater darling in Australia, so let’s all cross our fingers and hope that the pair lives up to The King’s vocal accomplishment, rather than the standard set by the other singing Miranda. Check out the recording from “Viva Las Vegas” below: