Five Minutes With Miranda Kerr: Supermodel Shares The Most Romantic Gift Orlando Bloom Has Ever Given Her

Spencer Cain

 Five Minutes With Miranda Kerr: Supermodel Shares The Most Romantic Gift Orlando Bloom Has Ever Given Her

While we love all models equally, it’s hard not to be particularly enamored with Miranda Kerr. The Australian born beauty—and wife of the equally dreamy actor Orlando Bloom—always manages to look effortlessly glamorous, whether she’s storming the runway, going to the grocery store, or posing in nothing but $3,000 Hermes boots. We caught up with the Victoria’s Secret Angel at the newly reopened Victoria’s Secret flagship store in New York’s Herald Square, where she filled us in on her holiday gift picks, and dished on a few of her key style secrets, her favorite pair of Céline pants and the most romantic gift Orlando ever got her.

StyleCaster News: We’re always a big fan of your casual everyday looks, like those Céline floral pants we’ve seen you wear

Miranda Kerr: I love those pants! I need to wear them. I was looking at those pants today when I was getting dressed and I was just like, “I have to wear those again!” The thing about them is that you can’t wear them every day like a regular pair of jeans. They’re such a statement piece, and even though they’re really on trend at the moment, they’re also timeless.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to getting dressed for an ordinary day?

Well, I’m a tactile person, so whatever I wear has to feel good — and it has to fit your body correctly. I really believe in dressing to your body type, and to be quite honest with you, I’m all about underwear. I feel like putting on sexy underwear underneath your clothes is where it starts. There’s such a large selection at Victoria’s Secret, anything from a sexy little black panty to garters that you can wear underneath your clothes that no one even knows you’re wearing. You’ve got a little bit of mystery going on, and that adds a little bit of fun to your outfit. Even if you’re wearing a long dress, and you have stockings on, you can wear a little garter and a sexy bra to match. It gives the perfect shaping. That’s how I get started, and then I pick my shoes. I ask myself, “What shoes am I in the mood for today?” Then I pick my outfit based on that. If I’m revealing my legs, I’ll cover the top part. If I’m revealing the top part, I’ll cover the legs a little bit—just to keep it classy!

With the holidays fast approaching, have you gone shopping yet for Orlando? 

No, not yet! It’s difficult. What to get for the guy who has everything? But I’m going to get something thoughtful.

What’s the best gift Orlando’s ever given you?  

Orlando and I were staying at the Ritz Paris, you know, the one with Hemingway Bar. We were writing little love notes to each other and passing them back and forth. I didn’t know he had saved them, and then for Christmas he had made a box that had them beautifully displayed.