Miranda Kerr Defends Banker Over Racy Pics


If you’re gonna browse the web for naughty photos, for heaven’s sake — don’t do it at work! That’s the lesson learned by an Australian banker who got caught on live TV looking at pictures of a scantily clad Miranda Kerr.Watch the video here.

Over at Macquarie Bank, it seemed like just another day for worker Dave Kiely. Sitting at his desk he began opening email attachments with pictures of supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Unbeknownst to him, of course, were the TV cameras behind him who were there to interview a colleague about interest rates. The live broadcast picks up Kiely looking at pictures of the nearly-naked Kerr, then turning around red-faced as he realizes the whole world may be watching.

Needless to say, Kiely is now an internet sensation, as his video has quickly become the must-see clip on the blogosphere. There was talk that he was to meet with his employers about his job, and now there is reportedly a movement against him getting fired.

Kerr herself would even help him out. “I am told there is a petition to save his job,” she said, “and of course I would sign it.”

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Contributed by Jeffrey from LimeLife.

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