In Stores Today: The H&M Collaboration No One Is Talking About

Meghan Blalock

minju kim hm 1

While no one can stop talking about the imminent November 15 release of H&M’s collaboration with French designer Isabel Marant, there’s been another amazing collaboration in the oven. 27-year-old South Korean Minju Kim received H&M’s 2013 Design Award, earning herself the opportunity to create a collection in collaboration with the retail powerhouse—and it hits select brick-and-mortar and online stores today!

Kim’s beautiful creations for H&M are inspired by her fascination with Manga, the über-popular Japanese comics that tend to be very colorful and cartoonish in appearance.

“Creating this collection with H&M has been an amazing experience,” Kim said of her work. “My designs are about turning characters into outfits, and it’s exciting to think that these characters will soon be worn by people around the world.”

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Starting today, Kim’s pieces will be sold in select H&M stores, as well as online, and for the first time ever—in what we consider to be a true mark of its stylishness—an H&M collection will be sold in Opening Ceremony stores in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

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Take a look at some of her pieces below, and watch a behind-the-scenes clip of when she debuted the collection in Belgium. See if you love it as much as we do!

minju kim hm 2

minju kim hm 4