Milo Ventimiglia Just Revealed Jack’s Storyline In ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 & We’re Unable

Aramide Tinubu
Jack This Is Us
Photo: NBC.

So we know we’re not quite there yet, but This Is Us is set to return this fall, so we think now is as a good a time as any to begin discussing it. Milo Ventimiglia’s This Is Us Season 4 spoilers about Jack have us so shook that we’re probably going to have to sit down for a minute. If you know the show–you know that creator Dan Fogelman loves to bend and stretch time–leaving us with cliffhangers and in tears whenever he wants to.

Since This Is Us is rumored to end after Season 6–we are exactly at the halfway point with our beloved Pearson clan. The first two seasons of the acclaimed drama focused on “The Big Three” Kevin, Kate, and Randall Pearson’s childhood. In Season 3 the show focused a lot on the Pearsons future and the early days of the Big Three’s parents–Jack and Rebecca.

We also learned a lot more about Jack’s shrouded past in Season 3. We knew that he was a Vietnam veteran who was still haunted by the war and that he’d grown up in a household with his alcoholic father–later struggling with alcohol addiction himself. We even learned that he signed up for the war to follow his brother, Nicky, whom he ultimately had to cut out of his life.

Now, according to Milo Ventimiglia, the things were learned about Jack in Season 3 are only the beginning. Apparently returning home for the war will be a torturous experience for Jack. Ventimiglia told Entertainment Weekly,

He may be past physical war, but it doesn’t mean he’s not in private war — personal war. Those fractures and cracks that you just never recover from. We’re going to see him going through that experience post-war, really trying to reconnect and restart. What is life after Vietnam? And of course, new exciting love with Rebecca. We all know how that goes. Men of that era experience things differently. They didn’t have the resource that the women and men of the service now have to unload the PTSD, unload the traumatic brain injury, unload all that sh— that you see in war. I’m curious to see how Jack boxes it all up and stuffs it away — and I think it’s going to be a process.

However, it won’t be all dark. We know that Jack meets Rebecca when he gets home. As Ventimiglia explained,

He is one of those guys who makes a decision, and he moves forward. He doesn’t go back, he doesn’t dwell, he doesn’t let the hauntings really trap him down. I’m looking forward to seeing Jack’s moving forward and new love, new life, and understanding how he’s able to pack up and store what he experienced in Vietnam.

This Is Us Season 4 premieres Sept. 24 on NBC. We’ll be watching obviously.