Millie Bobby Brown Looks Like a Vintage Dream in a Silk Hair Scarf and Fuzzy Coat

Lindsey Lanquist
Millie Bobby Brown Looks Like a Vintage Dream in a Silk Hair Scarf and Fuzzy Coat
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images.

If I told you I’d witnessed a look that perfectly blended iconic style from the 1991 film Thelma and Louise, the 1950s wardrobe of Marilyn Monroe and the 1990s sartorial archives, you probably wouldn’t believe me. And your incredulity might only deepen if I mentioned the look also involved tiny sunglasses, a retro revival trend the fashion set has had their eyes on (or has had on their eyes) all 2018 long.

How could so many disparate, statement-making pieces combine to create something other than a clusterfuck?

But what if I told you actress and generally transcendent being Millie Bobby Brown was the one who’d figured out how to make this seemingly incoherent ensemble work? That she’d cracked the code to pairing bold pieces from different eras—uniting them in a way that seemed impossible to us mere mortals?

Perhaps you wouldn’t be so shocked after all.

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On Sunday, Brown uploaded an Instagram of her wearing the aforementioned ensemble, which consisted of a black velvet mini dress (the ’90s archives), a shaggy white fur coat (Marilyn Monroe), a light pink silk head scarf (Thelma and Louise) and tiny sunglasses (2018). For good measure, she paired her statement-making-on-statement-making look with unassuming footwear—taupe ankle boots.

“AH vibez,” she wrote in the caption of the post, which consisted of two photos she’d edited for retro effect. The first image showed a close-up of the look, and the second zoomed out to capture the whole thing. In both, Brown looked downright incredible (as always).

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AH vibez 🖤

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This is one of a number of head-turning looks Brown has posted on Instagram in recent months. In September, she shared a photo of herself wearing a hot pink satin sweatshirt, clunky white sneakers and space buns. A week later, we got a look at her New York Fashion Week ensemble—an understated take on logomania, a typically over-the-top trend. Just after that, she uploaded photos of a Spice Girls-inspired outfit, complete with bright red joggers, a black pinstripe blazer and aviator glasses.

In other words, the girl never ceases to impress—especially as far as outfits go. Which is why I expected your undoubted incredulity to fade the moment I said Millie Bobby Brown’s name. If anyone can figure out how to blend daring pieces from four different moments in time, it’s her.

Millie Bobby Brown can’t stop, won’t stop. And we certainly don’t want her to.