Millie Bobby Brown Wearing Gucci and Eating McDonalds Is the Mood For 2019

Maggie Griswold
Millie Bobby Brown Wearing Gucci and Eating McDonalds Is the Mood For 2019
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.

I know it could be considered a little weird to have a 14-year-old as a personal hero, but Millie Bobby Brown has seriously become mine. Not only has she tugged at our heart strings as Eleven on Stranger Things, but she’s also become a mini-fashionista who manages to totally relatable (and not because I’m still a teen at heart, OK?). On Wednesday, the actress posted a photo of herself wearing Gucci and eating McDonalds, and that’s now my mood for all of 2019.

Millie Bobby Brown may already be cooler at 14 than I will ever manage to be, but she still manages to seem like a pretty normal teen. The Instagram photo she posted shows her rocking a puffer coat, newsboy cap, and a Gucci belt (what 14-year-old owns a Gucci belt? Millie Bobby Brown—that’s who), while sipping on some sweet, sweet, McDonald’s soda. Brown looked effortlessly stylish, but also like just one of the gals—if the gals could afford Gucci belts.

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This midriff-showing, Gucci-belt-wearing, McDonalds-sipping starlet has go the whole “appeal to the people” look down pat. You’re just jealous enough to want to be her, but not so jealous that you don’t still want to be friends with her. Millie Bobby Brown, I do believe you’ve figured out the secret to teenage fame.

Of course, the actress has had her fair share of battles with celebrity. She’s had to shut down her social media because of fake racist memes, and she recently defended the stalker character in Neflix’s show You—a statement she’s since retracted. So, no, Millie Bobby Brown’s celeb life isn’t perfect, and she doesn’t always say the right things. (In case you forgot already; she’s a 14-year-old.) But damnit if she isn’t just so likable. Millie, if you ever wanna share some McDonalds chicken nuggets, I’m your girl.