Are Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry In a Twitter Catfight?

Kristen Bousquet
Are Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry In a Twitter Catfight?
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And we thought Twitter drama ended after high school! Man, were we wrong. Miley Cyrus has surely shown us that to her, sometimes stirring up drama on the social media platform is completely necessary.

Let’s back it up a little to February 22, when pop star Katy Perry attended Miley’s “Bangerz” tour in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. During the show, Miley called Katy up to the stage and kissed the pop star in front of the whole audience. And not just a peck—we’re talking full on makeout session, tongue and all.

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After images of the infamous kiss surfaced online, Katy was bombarded with questions about the kiss, which she finally responded to on an Australian talk show: “I just walked up to [Miley] to give her like a friendly girly kiss, you know, as girls do. Then she like tried to move her head and go deeper and I pulled away.”

Maybe if she stopped there, Miley wouldn’t have been so offended by the comment, but the “Dark Horse” singer continued on to say, “God knows where that tongue has been. We don’t know! That tongue is so infamous!”

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Apparently, this comment really hit Miley hard. Today, the “Wrecking Ball” singer turned to Twitter to respond to Katy’s comment saying, “Girl if ur worried abt where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know where THAT tongue been!” She totally hit Katy where it hurt, since she and her ex, singer John Mayer, just split up.

After 35k retweets, she took to Twitter just a little while later to tweet again: “Dontchyouuuu act like you didn’t lurvvvvv it @katyperry” with a watercolor painting of the pair’s kiss.

Do you think that Miley overreacted or that Katy was just being plain rude? Let us know below!

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Miley can't get enough of the foam finger during her "Bangerz" Tour Opener in Vancouver.

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Katy Perry arrives at the Pre-Grammy's Gala on February 9th, 2013 in Bevely Hills, CA when she was still dating John Mayer.


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