Miley Cyrus In Sheer, Sparkly Party Pants Is A Whole Mood

Julia Marzovilla
Miley Cyrus In Sheer, Sparkly Party Pants Is A Whole Mood
Photo: The MEGA Agency.

I’m sure you’re aware of Gen Z’s newfound obsession with “party pants.” This is now the official name of any sort of super high-waisted, flared pant with a little bit of spice, be they shiny, colorful, or both! Consider them the polar opposite of your basic black skinny jeans. And of course, who better to show off the trend IRL than Miley Cyrus? The singer recently wore a pair of sheer sparkly pants for YouTube’s Brandcast Delivered event—and I have all the details on her look here.

Cyrus was the big performer at YouTube’s event, and she hit the stage wearing pants designed by Alexandre Vauthier that are a ton of fun. Not only are they sheer and absolutely covered in beaded sparkles, but they also feature tons of black feathers flaring at the hem.

Our girl is having a pretty busy week. After the appearance at the annual Youtube Brandcast Delivered on Tuesday, she’s headed to New York City for a coveted performance spot on Saturday Night Live alongside this week’s controversial host, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk. So, it’s no surprise that she did what any fashion girl would do to ward off the stress: Post a few fire pics in a blingy outfit on Instagram!

“Imma keep workin’ from dawn to dusk so I can keep buyin’ cars off @ElonMusk 🚀☠️🪐 see you soon dude,” she captioned the party pants post.

Cyrus styled her party pants with a simple white tank top and accessorized with black latex gloves, a pair of oversized black Gucci sunglasses and tons of mixed metals jewelry. Oh—and of course a pair of black underwear beneath her sheer bottoms to keep wardrobe malfunctions at bay. Her bleach blonde hair was in full mullet mode and I think she rocks it better than her country superstar father (and known mullet devotee) ever could. I’m just being honest!

It’s not exactly a hot take to say that the singer is prone to taking fashion risks. The newly-appointed Gucci brand ambassador has been wearing daring looks for basically her entire career—and yes, I am talking about those colorful sequined outfits from her Hannah Montana era. Not everyone could pull that kind of thing off! This is also the same star who wore a teddy bear unitard at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2013. The girl has been daring, people!

It’s also not shocking that she wore such an on-trend look when you consider the fact that Cyrus has made quite the name for herself on TikTok in 2021. Her prowess on the app is so major that she’s even decided which tattoos some of her fans should get! And they get them, no questions asked.

Party Pants have been all over the app recently as well, so it was only a matter of time before Cyrus rocked them. Did I expect her to wear something so bold to an event for YouTube’s biggest advertisers? No. But hey—she’s just being Miley!

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