Miley Cyrus is Naked Yet Again in New Video Directed by Terry Richardson: Watch

Spencer Cain

Although Miley Cyrus‘ just released video for her second single, power ballad “Wrecking Ball,” still features the 20-year-old starlet not wearing pants and being naked in one sequence, it’s far more refined and mature than her controversial “We Can’t Stop” music video.

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Everything Cyrus does in the public eye these days seems to fit with her new hip-hop obsessed image, so it was incredibly refreshing to see her get back to her roots. The clip, shot by famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson (who previously lensed Cyrus twerking up a storm as well as wearing tons of couture in Harper’s Bazaar) is fairly stark and minimalist.

While she does make things exciting as she swings on an enormous ball in what appears to be no clothing, the majority of the video is Cyrus crying hysterically as she belts the heartbreaking lyrics. The theme of the song is clearly a relationship in peril, and if we were to bet, we’re sure she’s thinking about fiancé Liam Hemsworth as she gazes into Richardson’s camera.

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“We Can’t Stop” felt sloppy and a bit forced, but “Wrecking Ball” definitely exhibits some artistic integrity. We can’t help but question though—is it time for her to put on some clothes?

Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts!