Miley Cyrus Went Nuts at Art Basel: Blunts, Pizza, Pasties, Crotch Confetti

Miley Cyrus never ceases to amaze us. Last night, at Miami’s Art Basel, she performed to a packed crowd at the V Magazine party and—in true Miley fashion—the performance was a spectacle that included bubbles, blunts, a tinsel wig, a tribute to her dead dog, and a special pizza delivery.

She entered announcing to the crowd “I don’t normally smoke weed and drink on show nights, but when in Miami…” the singer trailed off and pulled out a blunt and smoked it on stage.

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She performed a series of her own songs and classic cover songs from the likes of Johnny Cash, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, and Rick James’ “Super Freak”.  And to top it off, legendary Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips joined her for a song on stage. The singer of course added her own twist to her performance, like shooting a confetti cannon from her crotch, because, why not.

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Between songs, she paused to give a sweet shout out to her recently deceased dog, saying that she owes a lot of her personal strength to her dog dying because, “having a dog die f**king sucks”.

She may have felt the crowd’s energy dwindle a tad, and she picked it back up by joking, “What am I telling you guys this for, you just want to see me shake my ass.”

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The twerk machine didn’t disappoint and continued to perform in a long tinsel wig, electric blue eyeshadow, mirrored pasties, a g-string one piece, silver transparent pants, and a glowing smiley face necklace.

And she didn’t forget to take care of her celebrity friends in the VIP area, where she had pizzas delivered to individual cabana tables. The antics felt utterly over the top in true Miley form, but as she said, when in Miami!