Miley Cyrus’ Weird Instagram Weekend: Blood, Big Butts, and Bubba the Pig

No matter what you think of Miley Cyrus, one thing’s for sure: Her Instagram account has been weirdly entertaining lately.

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Between introducing her 11 million followers to her brand-new piglet named Bubba Sue (whom she swathed in a blanket like a new baby, gave it a red manicure, and took on a private jet); mimicking Nicki Minaj‘s now-famous Anaconda naked ass album over as Hannah Montana and as herself; sundry photos that feature blood in ever-so-cryptic ways; a selfie with model Barbara Palvin; some dental hygiene tips; and a few throwbacks, it’s clear Miley had a better weekend than us. Or at least a more bizarre one.

Below, a selection of Miley’s, um, best (?) Instagram shots posted this weekend.

Caption: “Matching neck rolls.”

Caption: “Piggy on a PJ.”

Caption: “OMG”

Caption: Yes yes yes yes yes @nickiminaj

Caption: #creepyassfamilyphoto @noahcyrus @billyraycyrus

Caption: #dontwantnoneunlessyougotbunzhun @nickiminaj

Caption: “Went to ham tonight.”

: “Need to floss more.”

Caption: “blood on boots.”

Caption: “wish i could c dis one more often @realbarbarapalvin #sweethungarianbaby.”

Caption:@waynecoyne5 @katyweaver bahahahahhaha”

Caption: Root fucking canal.