5 Things To Know About Miley Cyrus’ Wild ‘We Can’t Stop’ Video

Meghan Blalock
miley cyrus we can't stop video 3

Photo via Instagram

She’s just bein’ Miley! The pop star-turned-rapper-wannabe has been taking to her Twitter and Instagram over the past couple of days to tease the upcoming release of the music video for her devastatingly catchy summer anthem “We Can’t Stop,” which comes out tomorrow, and all the #WCS2days action has us excited.

The star who rose to fame as the blonde goody-goody Disney character Hannah Montana has taken quite a turn over the last few months. Her transformation started when she chopped her hair off and dyed it platinum blonde, then started wearing a bunch of gold jewelry, eventually graduating to almost exclusively wearing crop tops and skin-tight leggings. We’ve already seen her Instagram become more than a little risqué (a la Rihanna), but now it’s just getting increasingly jaw-dropping.

Below, we’ve rounded up  5 things any Miley fan needs to know about the upcoming video, and be on the lookout for the clip to drop tomorrow!

1. This. Enough said.

miley cyrus we can't stop bear

2. Miley and a bunch of her friends jumping into a pool, fully-clothed, and then pretending to be so surprised!

3. Miley will ride an indoor bike wearing a sports bra, and we assume there will also be “twerking.”

miley cyrus bicycle

4. A gaggle of designer names.

miley cyrus designer tweet

5. A bunch of non-descript hand signs.

miley cyrus we can't stop hands

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