Miley Cyrus Just Announced She’s Vegan in the Cutest Way Possible

Miley Cyrus Just Announced She’s Vegan in the Cutest Way Possible
Photo: Getty Images

Miley Cyrus just took her love for animals to the next level. The 24-year-old singer just announced her life-long plan of going vegan in the cutest and most Miley Cyrus way possible: with a new tattoo—a sunflower, to be specific.

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The “Malibu” artist showed off her new ink on Instagram where she posted a selfie of her lifting up her shirt, exposing an adorable black bikini top and her full tatted-up bod. New among Cyrus’s collection of meaningful tats is a sunflower tattoo on the upper part of her left arm.

The former Disney Channel star posted a picture of the tat alongside a drawing of the sunflower, which seems to come from the logo of The Vegan Society, a notable pro-veganism organization. Much like the permanency of her tattoo, Cyrus captioned the shot, “Vegan for life! 💚”

While this isn’t the first time Cyrus has talked about her journey with going animal product-free, her tattoo is likely an announcement for her life-long commitment with adopting a plant-based diet and lifestyle. A couple years ago, the singer spoke to Jimmy Fallon about how the intelligence of her pets, particularly her fish and pig, inspired her to go vegan. (Her pig is also vegan.)

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As hardcore Miley fans know, the sunflower tattoo is far from the first piece of ink the former “Hannah Montana” star has gotten on her body. In another snap posted yesterday, the “Wrecking Ball” singer showed off a bunch of other tats with the caption, “bumper stickers all over dis bentley #vegan #emu #pablowtheblowfish”

Like her sunflower for animals, Cyrus also has sentimental tats dedicated to her dog, Emu, her late fish, Blowfish, her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, and her boyfriend (and rumored on-again fiance), Liam Hemsworth.

If we know Miley, her next tattoo will be just as meaningful (and cute) as the last. BRB as we refresh Miley’s Instagram about a billion times to get the scoop.