Girl Needs an SPF: Miley Cyrus Posts Topless Sunburned Photo to Twitter

Meghan Blalock

Miley’s up to it again, y’all! The star, who has already proven that she’s in a stage of her life where she’s really into being naked, took to Twitter yesterday to post a completely topless photo of her serious sunburn after a day on the beach in the Tampa, Florida. Check it out:

Granted, she’s not showing nipples, but it’s not like we haven’t already seen them. She also posted a rather provocative photo of her ass—which, by the way, has a fairly large bruise right smack dab in the middle—to Instagram, from when she was lounging ocean-side earlier in the day.

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But then, guys, we also need to point out that shortly before the T&A photos, Miley inexplicably posted this screenshot, with no caption, which is a snippet from the Wikipedia page for Metaphysics.

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We kind of love how she can go from showing her breasts to showing her apparently interest in philosophy in what’s the equivalent of one social media breath. Keep it up, Miley (but always use sunscreen!)