Surprise, Surprise: Topless Photos of Miley Cyrus Have Surfaced

Meghan Blalock

Here’s something nobody saw coming (and by nobody, we mean everybody): topless photos of Miley Cyruswhich are outtakes from a shoot she did with German Vogue—have hit the Web. And not only that, but Miley herself posted an outtake from her recent W editorial, which depicts her naked in bed with photographers Mert & Marcus. The shot included the riveting caption, “Coming soon in @wmag “bed time portraits By @mertalass & @macpiggott” so xxxited check it out 2 see the real deal.”

The super-topless Miley shots are over on Gawker, so head there to check them out (don’t pretend you don’t want to!) Miley has been literally teasing us with full-frontal nudity for months now, so it’s not like she’s showing us anything we haven’t pretty much seen already.

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