Miley Cyrus Went Topless on Instagram & She Looks Just Like Daenarys

Miley Cyrus
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Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is (Vanity) Fairest of them all? Well, the answer would be the one and only Miley Cyrus!. The newlywed singer posed for some striking and empowering photos which she shared on her Instagram this week. For the March issue of Vanity Fair, Miley Cyrus went topless in photos in a clear statement of support for the #FreeTheNipple movement.

(Back in 2014, Cyrus shared a fully topless photo of herself with the caption, “Some lame ass defg gonna (flag) dat (shit) but fuuuuuuuuck it #practicewhatchupreach #FreeTheNipple #freedatshit.” As she suspected, the photo was taken down. But h—she stands by what she says).

The photos from this recent photo shoot don’t cross the same line and have yet to be removed from Instagram thanks to Cyrus’s nipple covers. Under the strikingly scandalous and yet somehow fashionable rhinestone top, Cyrus is wearing nothing but nipple stickers. A clever way to evade breaking any social media rules but still sticking to her own guns.

Cyrus has shared a whopping nine photos from her photoshoot for Vanity Fair in the last 24 hours, and it has fans totally obsessed. She goes completely topless in one; in another she’s wearing a teal statement gown; and in yet another she sports a puffy pink dress. The “Younger Now” singer has once again proved she can pretty much rock any look under the sun. And she does it with all the panache, pizazz and power all young people should strive to possess. (Got a little carried away with the alliteration there…these pictures just have us feeling poetically inspired!)

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What we’re wondering is…Does anyone else get total Game of Thrones vibes here? We think Cyrus may have just uttered the word, “Dracarys.”

Is she the unburnt?

Our real life Mother of Dragons?

mother of dragons  Miley Cyrus Went Topless on Instagram & She Looks Just Like Daenarys

Breaker of chains?

miley cyrus breaker of chains Miley Cyrus Went Topless on Instagram & She Looks Just Like Daenarys

Her hair has been looking blonder…

These are some signs we shouldn’t ignore…just sayin’.

daenerys got Miley Cyrus Went Topless on Instagram & She Looks Just Like Daenarys


But regardless of whether or not Miley Cyrus is secretly our real-life Khalessi, the singer has always been one to push boundaries. Just this past December, Cyrus appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to deliver a new, female-empowering rendition of “Santa Baby.” The 26-year-old sings, “A girl’s best friend is equal pay.” Damn straight! Check it out: