Why Miley Cyrus’ Tongue is Being Sued by a Construction Worker

Meghan Blalock

This was kind of inevitable, we suppose. Miley Cyrusomnipresent tongue, which has been a central part of her whole “I’m a badass” image makeover throughout the past year or so, is now the subject of an actual, bona fide lawsuit.

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As part of her ongoing “Bangerz” tour, Miley had a giant slide in the shape of her tongue installed for one segment of the show. She hired Showfix Inc., a Los Angeles-based equipment supply company, to build the giant tongue, and apparently they didn’t do their due diligence during construction. According to TMZ, construction worker Charles Nicholas Sarris is suing Showfix after he was “badly injured” during the tongue’s construction.

Sarris alleges that Showfix didn’t provide him with the proper equipment and tools to do his job, which caused him to fall down on the job and injure himself. He also claims that the company provided no warnings ahead of time concerning just how dangerous it might be working on a giant tongue. (Though, to us, that seems like kind of a “duh” moment.)

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If Miley had just kept her tongue where it belongs—inside her head—this unfortunate incident may have never occurred. But then what kind of absurd celebrity lawsuits would we have to make fun of?

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