Miley Cyrus’ 13 Most Shocking Moments Ever

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Miley Cyrus’ 13 Most Shocking Moments Ever
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Few stars are making as many headlines these days as Miley Cyrus. The 20-year-old former Disney starlet, who first burst onto TV screens worldwide thanks to a little show called “Hannah Montana,” has truly come of age in the public eye—and it’s certainly been an interesting journey to follow.

While once regarded for her wholesome, teenybopper image, it became clear that those days were over after Cyrus appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in 2008 clad in nothing but a sheet. She continued to raise eyebrows when readers opened up to the spread to find her provocatively posing alongside her father, country legend Billy Ray Cyrus.

Since then, it’s been a steady climb to controversial superstar. In fact, these days Cyrus is on par with Rihanna, another known lover of marijuana and sexy crop tops.

From “Hannah Montana” to twerking aficionado, the road has been paved with shocking moments—and we’ve rounded up the most outrageous ones!

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In 2008, Miley Cyrus made headlines for her Vanity Fair photo spread shot by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz. With a cover featuring her topless draped by a sheet, as well as a series of pictures posing with her father Billy Ray Cyrus which many deemed as "creepy," this definitely started her transition from Disney good girl to controversial superstar. 

Photo: Vanity Fair/Annie Leibovitz

At the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, 16-year-old Miley donned a pair of shockingly short shorts and took to the stage and began pole dancing. As you can imagine, this didn't go over well with parents who admired her for her wholesome image. 

Photo: WireImage/WireImage

At 17-years-old, Miley got her first tattoo—located under her left breast and stating "Just Breathe." Considering the legal age to get a tattoo is 18, her parents clearly had to sign off on her choice, which many found to be controversial. Hey, if you're making millions a year when you're a teenager, you basically get to do whatever the hell you want! 

In December 2010, a video hit the web that depicted Miley taking a huge bong hit and then proceeding to laugh hysterically. Her reps immediately went on the offensive, stating that Miley was smoking salvia and not marijuana. Salvia is a fast-acting hallucinogen that is technically legal in California. Still, this infamous moment definitely changed the way the world saw the young star. 

In 2012, a then-19-year-old Miley stopped by Lifetime's "The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet" to dish on everything from Liam Hemsworth to partying. She was very candid, and even addressed her sex life, stating, "Girls who base how they're worth on the sexual favors they can do for somebody, that makes me really sad. Because sex is actually really beautiful." She continued, "It is a beautiful thing, and it is magic, and it is when you connect with somebody and it isn't how much you're worth."

Photo: Lifetime

For Liam Hemsworth's birthday in January 2012, Miley got him a vulgar cake (see above). When pictures were released online of her simulating lewd acts with the confect, many were disgusted and slammed her suggestive behavior. 

Many of us can't get enough of the crop top trend, but there are certainly some haters. However, one of the movement's biggest fans is Miley, who was ahead of the game when she turned up at "The Hunger Games" premiere in March 2012 in a sexy crop top ensemble by Emilio Pucci. People couldn't resist stating that she showed up her beau on the red carpet, but we think she was the perfect accessory. Regardless, her devotion to crop tops certainly shocked many!

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The big chop! Known for her long, flowing locks, Miley shocked everyone when she stepped out in a bleached blonde cropped haircut, done by the famed Chris McMillan, the man who's responsible for Jennifer Aniston's iconic cut "The Rachel." We all love it now, but it certainly took some getting used to. 

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Holy monokini! Not only did Miley's cover art for her single "We Can't Stop" cause eyebrows to raise earlier this summer, but the song itself has landed her in some hot water. With lyrics referencing cocaine users waiting to use the bathroom as well as popular club drug Molly, it's clear that Miley's PG-13 singles are a thing of the past. The video also made headlines for her wild twerking. She's just being Miley, we guess! 

Although Miley's relatively new to Instagram, that doesn't mean she isn't afraid to make a splash. In early June, she gave viewers a sneak preview at the "We Can't Stop" video, and a full look at her derriere in this racy picture. Clearly, she's proud of her backside (all that Pilates paid off!), and wants it to be in her fans' faces—literally. 

Clad in a 2Pac T-shirt, a pair of microscopic denim cut-offs, and Versace heels, Miley stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in late June. The late night host questioned her relationship with rapper Snoop Lion, and she admitted that they're actually very similar. "That's because he's so high he doesn't even know what his name is," Kimmel quipped. "Me too," she replied. "We both are. That's why we get along so well, I guess." Obviously, this admission wasn't a total shock—but feathers were still ruffled by her racy comments. 

Photo: Premiere/FAMEFLYNET/Premiere/FAMEFLYNET

"What is that outfit?!" was about all we could muster when Miley strutted her stuff at a Myspace launch event back in June. The combination of half-sweats and half-jeans was one of the most confusing things we'd ever seen on the red carpet, but leave it to her to (almost) pull it off. 

Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Myspace

What would you wear for a television appearance on one of the biggest shows in America? Well, if you're Miley, you wear a bra. On "Good Morning America" earlier this month, she showed up in a Chanel ensemble featuring an eyelet bra top with plenty of sheer fabric. Just because it's Chanel doesn't mean it's a full look! 


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