Miley Cyrus Was Best Dressed at a Premiere for a Movie She Wasn’t Even in

Maggie Griswold
Miley Cyrus Was Best Dressed at a Premiere for a Movie She Wasn’t Even in
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After killing it in two different sleek black looks during the Grammy Awards on Sunday, Miley Cyrus decided she wasn’t done slaying. On Monday, the singer showed up to the premiere of her husband’s (Liam Hemsworth, in case you somehow forgot) new film, Isn’t it Romantic, and immediately stole the damn show. Miley Cyrus stunned in a dramatic red dress at the premiere of a movie she’s not even in.

Cyrus attended the movie premiere in lieu of her new hubby, explaining via an Instagram post that Hemsworth was too sick to make an appearance. I don’t know if the singer was planning on wearing the sheer Maison Valentino gown regardless of her husband’s attendance at the premiere, but either way, it’s a ballsy move to out-dress everyone who’s actually in the film. But, whatever; I respect it. I mean, the gown included a sheer cape. It’s kind of impossible to stay low profile when red tulle and ruffles are flowing behind you in the wind.

shutterstock 10102097j Miley Cyrus Was Best Dressed at a Premiere for a Movie She Wasnt Even in


The singer kept everything else about the ensemble relatively simple—probably a good choice, considering how dramatic the gown was. Cyrus kept her hair slicked back in a ponytail, which showed off her multiple silver and diamond earrings. The only added drama was the singer’s bold red lip, which was a perfect choice to accentuate her gown. Overall, Miley Cyrus’ entire look gave us some serious Valentine’s Day inspiration.

The drama and romance of Cyrus’ outfit was a bit ironic, considering the plot of the new film. If you keep romantic comedies at all on your radar, you’ll know that Rebel Wilson stars alongside Liam Hemsworth in Isn’t it Romantic—a film about a woman who doesn’t believe in romance until she hits her head and wakes up inside a cheesy romantic comedy. Cyrus really went full rom com with her outfit, proving, unlike Rebel Wilson’s character, she’s just a huge romantic. (I mean, if you’re married to Liam Hemsworth, how could you not be?)