Woah—This Is How Miley Cyrus Feels About Liam Hemsworth & Maddison Brown Dating

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Miley Cyrus
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Though she seems to be taking her divorce well–Miley Cyrus’ reaction to Liam Hemsworth and Maddison Brown dating says so much. Miley and Liam announced their split in early August after less than one year of marriage. Though the pair had been on-again and off-again for the better part of 10 years–the news was still shocking to many who felt that the singer and the actor were in it for the long haul. Our jaws also dropped when Miley began dating Kaitlynn Carter as soon as the split was announced.

It seemed like the Mother’s Daughter songstress had no qualms about moving on quickly while Liam retreated from the spotlight and spent some time in his homeland of Australia. Still, the very public PDA between Miley and Kaitlynn was a message to him that his relationship was over for good–and it prompted him to file for divorce officially.

For her part–Miley didn’t miss a beat, she moved on from Kaitlynn after about a month together and is now enjoying a very public and passionate romance with Australian singer, Cody Simpson.

 Woah—This Is How Miley Cyrus Feels About Liam Hemsworth & Maddison Brown Dating

Instagram/Cody Simpson.

Liam meanwhile, is back stateside–and he’s been seen getting lovey-dovey with Dynasty actress Maddison Brown. So how does Miley feel about the fact that her soon-to-be ex-husband has moved on as well?

An insider told Hollywood Life that the “Slide Away” singer is unbothered by the entire thing. They revealed,

Right now, Miley is so happy being with Cody that she’s not really paying attention to Liam and Maddison because she knows that is the past. Liam was more conservative than Cody and she’s realizing now that she’s older she’s changed. She’s really happy with Cody. It’s safe and it’s easy for her. She’s known Cody for years and her family has known him since he and Miley were kids. She and Cody have a history. This is a completely different thing for her than Liam and they’re just having a lot of fun together which Miley needs right now. It’s nothing super serious and more casual and seeing where it goes, but they do really like each other and have great chemistry together.

Unfortunately, it looks like in the end Miley and Liam simply grew apart–it also probably didn’t help that his mother wasn’t exactly Miley’s biggest fan. We’re just glad everyone is doing what’s best for them even though Kaitlynn is reportedly still a bit miffed.