Miley Cyrus: Photos of Her New Tattoo (Plus Our Top 8 Celeb Tattoos)


Miley Cyrus’s Good Girl Gone Bad To Do List

1) Have controversial photos taken
2) Strip at an awards show for a primarily adolescent audience
3) Dress like a hooker for birthday party
4) Stop washing hair
5) Get a tattoo

Yes, boys and girls, “Get a tattoo” has been crossed off.

Miley’s Just Breathe tat has us raising a couple of eyebrows–given her recent antics, we’re wondering if she’s trying to be the new LiLo. (Lindsay even has the word “breathe” scrawled in white across her wrist.) While we try to decide how we feel about this pop star’s Little J-esque transformation, take a look our eight favorite inked celebs.


Nicole Richie


This socialite sports a pair of understated angel wings


and the tat that everyone seemed to copy, her ankle rosary.


Johnny Depp


Johnny plays homage to his alter ego Jack Sparrow.


Megan Fox


This maneater shows her, um…well we wouldn’t exactly call a tat “a soft side”…but she shows she’s human, at least. The tattoo reads: There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART.



Perfectly RiRi–fierce yet feminine.


Sienna Miller


Sienna has more than two tattoos, but her she shows off our personal faves on the cover of Elle.

Jessica Alba


Jessica’s tattoo may be unrecognizable first, but that’s because it’s the Sanskrit symbol for the word lotus. “For me,” she said, “It signifies the manifestation of spiritual beauty.”


Scarlett Johansson



Scarlett easily has the most unique tattoo, and we love that it looks painted on.


Angelina Jolie


This list wouldn’t be complete without her. We’re particular to script on her left shoulder blade.

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